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ボタンS.E.N.S. released the best album "Ren-ai Shu"
(including the song performed in the South Korean drama "Beautiful Days")

December 26, 2005

The TV drama "Beautiful Days" (the leading actor: Lee Byung Hun / Choi Ji Woo) is broadcasted at South Korea in 2001 and records the smash hit. "Remembering Me" composed by S.E.N.S. has been used since time to which it is broadcast in South Korea.

"Remembering Me" is broadcasted in a climax and the last scene of a drama, a next time notice by all means. In addition, the refreshing Yukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.)'s chorus is impressive. This music is not recorded to "Beautiful Days original sound track".

In best album "Ren-ai Shu" attracted love songs for the first time, "Remembering Me" and the main theme of the dramas such as "Asunaro White Paper", "God, Give Me a Little More", "Love 2000", "Mrs. Cinderella" and "Blue Bird" and more.

33rd Album Tomei Na Jikan S.E.N.S. "Ren-ai Shu"

[Including Songs]

 1. Remembering Me Real Audio
 2. Heart Real Audio
 3. L'oiseau Bleu Real Audio
 4. Refrain Real Audio
 5. Wind of Time Real Audio
 6. Like the Wind Real Audio
 7. Missing You Real Audio
 8. Flying Real Audio
 9. Maria Real Audio
10. Forbidden Love Real Audio
11. Love Real Audio
12. Wish Real Audio
*To play the songs, Real Player is required.


ボタンYukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.) composed the ending theme and released original soundtracks of Japanese TV Animation "KURAU Phantom Memory"
December 26, 2005

Yukari Katsuki composed music and ending theme of Japanese TV Animation "KURAU Phantom Memory" which is broadcast in Japan.
The single as the ending theme "Moonlight"(written, composed, arranged and sung by Yukari Katsuki) of this program is released in August 2004 in Japan, And original soundtracks of "KURAU Phantom Memory" is released October and December 2004.


Original Sound Track of "KURAU Phantom Memory"
Yukari Katsuki(S.E.N.S.)

[Including Songs]
  1. The PowerReal Audio
  2. Moonlight ~ Essence
  3. Tomorrow's TreasuresReal Audio
  4. Tender SmileReal Audio
  5. Transition
  6. Drag RacerReal Audio
  7. People in NeedReal Audio
  8. Behind AffectionReal Audio
  9. Evildoer
  10. Eternal Darkness
  11. Threads of NostalgiaReal Audio
  12. Daily Life ~ Heartfelt
  13. Fairground
  14. Strain
  15. Little HeartReal Audio
  16. DogfightReal Audio
  17. Premonition
  18. Moonlight〜Farewell


Original Soundtrack of "KURAU Phantom Memory"
Yukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.)

[Including Songs]
  1. NostalgiaReal Audio
  2. Natsukashii Umi [Opening Theme by Akino Arai]
  3. MirageReal Audio
  4. War with LonelinessReal Audio
  5. AgentReal Audio
  6. Black Bird
  7. Daily LifeReal Audio
  8. Lilipri Layli
  9. Trouble
  10. VictimReal Audio
  11. AffectionReal Audio
  12. BattleReal Audio
  13. GPO
  14. Lonely FreedomReal Audio
  15. MelancholyReal Audio
  16. MoonlightReal Audio[Ending Theme]


Ending Theme of "KURAU Phantom Memory"
Yukari Katsuki(S.E.N.S.)

[Including Songs]
  1. Moonlight Real Audio[Ending Theme]
  2. Lilipri Layli
  3. Moonlight ~ Piano
  4. Moonlight (Backing Track)

*Official site of "KURAU Phantom Memory"
(Written in Japanese)

botternThe best album of S.E.N.S. sold in Hong Kong
"Natural - The Very Best Of S.E.N.S."

(Jul. 02, 2004)


"Natural - The Very Best Of S.E.N.S."

Released on Jun. 25, 2004
Catalog No. : 82876-62972-2(5)
(This album is released in Hong Kong)

34th album The Key   Disc 1
  1. Forbidden Love Real Audio
  2. True Love (Instrumental)
  3. Wish Real Audio
  4. Love Real Audio
  5. Winds of Time Real Audio
  6. Flying Real Audio
  7. Aphrodite Real Audio
  8. Remembering Me Real Audio
  9. In The Shining Season Real Audio
  10. Boy Real Audio
  11. L'oiseau Bleu - Guitare Real Audio
  12. The Choice of Gentleness Real Audio
  13. Sky Remembrances Real Audio
  14. Heaven's Song Real Audio
  15. A City of Sadness Real Audio

Disc 2
  1. Future Real Audio
  2. I for You (Instrumental)
  3. Peace Real Audio
  5. Aurora Real Audio
  6. Maria Real Audio
  7. Something in the Air Real Audio
  8. Asian Blue - Sea Where Swims the Moon Real Audio
  9. Feel Me Real Audio
  10. Lunar Dream Real Audio
  11. Requiem Real Audio
  12. The God of The Sea Real Audio
  13. Like the Wind Real Audio
  14. Love in Song Real Audio
  15. Palace Memories Real Audio

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