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bottern S.E.N.S. live performance in Taiwan


S.E.N.S. performed the live in Taiwan on December 23-24, 2000, and was completed with the inside of a large success. A program is the almost same contents as "Tomei na Ongaku (Transparent Music)" tour. Furthermore, "Hijo Joshi (A City of Sadness)" who is the main theme music of the movie "A City of Sadness" from which Taiwan became the stage was performed.

bottern Best album "Tomei na Ongaku 2 (Transparent Music 2)"


Sales break through 100,000 copies and the "Tomei na Ongaku(Transparent Music 2)" which is the sequel of the best album "Transparent Music" used as the big hit was put on the market on December 3, 2000. A total of 14 music which can be calmly listened to on the basis of the concept "the music which warms the heart" is recorded this time. A first time limited edition contains that the live version of "TORO ALATO" is recorded as a bonus track.


1. Aurora Real Audio
2. Stone of the Moon, Water of the Earth Real Audio
3. Boy Real Audio
4. L'oiseau Bleu - Guitare Real Audio
5. Affinity Real Audio
6. Something in the Air Real Audio
7. Your Scene Real Audio
8. Prime Season Real Audio
9. Feel Me Real Audio
10. Lunar Dream Real Audio
11. Afternoon Tea Real Audio
12. Theme of BunseiReal Audio
13. Away from Home Real Audio
14. Future Real Audio
(Bonus Track - containing only the first time limited edition)
15. TORO ALATO - Live Version


bottern The NHK TV drama "The Yanagibashi Bojo (Humanity above the Yanagibashi Bridge)"

  S.E.N.S. took the music of the drama "The Yanagibashi Bojo" of NHK. An original is Yamamoto Shugoro's novel "Yanagibashi Monogatari (Yanagibashi Tales)". The life pattern of people who live in the town of Edo is pictured on the basis of the theme "humanity". Broadcast is a total of 16 times in August - December, 2000. Although the sound track of this drama is not put on the market, it is the thing that several music may be recorded on the original album of an announcement schedule from now on.

bottern Best album "Tomei na Ongaku (Transparent Music)"


The best album "Tomei na Ongaku(Transparent Music)" was put on the market on August 23, 2000. On the theme of "the music to which cooling-down of the heart", a total of 14 music of feeling at ease is recorded. A first time limited edition contains the "TORO ALATO", the another version of "Forbidden Love" as a bonus track. (Plan change of the "TV drama best selection 2" by which sale was planned on August 23, 2000 was carried out at the release of a best album "Tomei na Ongaku(Transparent Music)")


1. Winds of Time Real Audio
2. Remembering Me Real Audio
3. Suite - The Choice of Gentleness Real Audio
4. Requiem Real Audio
5. Love in Song Real Audio
6. Peace Real Audio
7. Sky Rememberance Real Audio
8. In the Shining Season Real Audio
9. L'oiseau Bleu Real Audio
10. Wish to Wish Real Audio
11.Flying Real Audio
12.Heaven's Song - Whisper Vox Real Audio
13.Forbidden love Real Audio
14. Like a Wind Real Audio
(Bonus Track - Containing only the first time limited edition)

"Tomei na Ongaku(Transparent music)" S.E.N.S.'s 15 musics chosen from totals of 256 music of best albums. 15 kinds of healing.

New healing seen from the medical standpoint. "Transparent Music" stimulates a high order brain. Old healing music is the thing of the genre to invite sleep, and it is in the tendency to take corporal fatigue rather than to relieve the heart. However, there are introduction development turn and conclusion and the sound of S.E.N.S. expressing joy, anger, humor and pathos has stimulated the high order brain. Stimulating this high order brain is connected to relieve the heart. A high order brain is a brain which manages judgment and feeling although all are not yet solved, and is stimulating that, and the stress of the heart is canceled. After crying, laughing or quarreling in a loud voice, the invigoration felt refreshed is the thing of the result which stimulated the high order brain, and the same effect as it exists also in the music of S.E.N.S. There is the feature that volition boils after hearing it, or a feeling becomes positive, and it can be called "high cortical"(high order brain is stimulated) music exceeding healing.
Reference Opinion: Junya Shindo (The vice-director / The Asahikawa Rehabilitation Hospital)

bottern The "Colosseum 2000" theme music

  S.E.N.S. composed the theme music of the sport event "the Colosseum 2000" held in TOKYO DOME. The theme music (a title is "Gradiator") of S.E.N.S. was broadcast.

bottern It is a marriage ceremony with the suite of S.E.N.S.!

  S.E.N.S. wrote the suite new for the music formula of the church in Karuizawa, Japan.You can hold the ceremony in the church of a solemn atmosphere by the melody of S.E.N.S.

bottern The Fuji Television drama "Nisennen no Koi (Love 2000)" related information

  The collection of "Love 2000" piano scores "Future"


Registration of a score was started. Doremi Music Publishing CO.,LTD.

Collection of "Love 2000" MIDI data "Future"
It is a sale schedule from YAMAHA. MIDI data is due to offer the Internet distribution service.

bottern Ajinomoto company CM music

  "The volume on tomato" and "The volume on mother's milk" was broadcast, and the new song of S.E.N.S. with the loose impressive tone of kokyu was used (broadcast is ended now).

bottern "BS digital fair special" theme music and a live broadcast performance

  "NHK BS digital fair" where S.E.N.S. composed theme music was held on April 29 - May 5, 2001. And the live music of the theme music was given by the "BS digital fair special" which is a related program.

bottern Movie "ICHIGENSAN" show & theme song "Moonright Dream"

  Movie "ICHIGENSAN" theme song on sale. It is the S.E.N.S. producing work which featured a South Korean top singer Susie Kang in the sound.
S.E.N.S. featuring Susie Kang "Moonlight Dream" FHCF-5004

moonright dream

The movie "ICHIGENSAN" on the theme music and the theme song was broadcast in the Japanese movie theaters. It is cinematization of a 1996 Subaru Literary Prize winner and "ICHIGENSAN" written by Deavid Zopedi. Supervisor:Isao Morimoto, Performance : Edward Ataton and Honami Suzuki and others. This movie is drawn about encounter and separation of the foreign student from Switzerland and a blind lady in Kyoto of the four seasons.

bottern "Golden Kingdom Moche Excavation exhibition" theme music

  "Sican (Ver.2)" was used for "The Miracle of the Ancient Andes Sipan's grave", "golden kingdom Moche excavation exhibition" theme music as the same ancient Andes project as a Sican excavation exhibition.

bottern "Nisennen no Koi(Love 2000)" original sound track "Future" and theme single "Forbidden Love"

  February 23, 2001 sale 28th Album"Future" FHCF-2488 15th Single "Forbidden Love" Fuji Television system drama "Nisennen no Koi(Love 2000)" theme music
C/W "Forbidden Love - Piano"

future forbidden love

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