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botternOriginal album "The Key"
(Sep. 3, 2003)

  "The door of the emotion opens with slowly and one by one. Then, even my heart is wrapped by the thought which had already been forgotten and a feeling, too."

Before knowing only when, a person locks his heart. The key of 10 that such a heart is liberated is into this album.

The full original album of the attention following the big hit work "Transparent Music" (Winning the Japanese gold disk prize) series that many fans were fascinated. It is S.E.N.S. one-year pretense "Healing Music" frame by far exceed will work. "The Beginning" which included in this album is the tune which led Japan with opening act of the MLB "New York Mets VS Cincinnati Reds" battle held with Shea Studium in New York and which was performed . Performed in the major league is the first time as a major Japanese artist.

34th album The Key   S.E.N.S. "The Key"

  1. Turn the Key
  2. HeartReal Audio
  3. Memories
  4. Reason
  5. Dreambound
  6. So
  7. Refrain
  8. Little Bird
  9. Teardrops Real Audio
  10. The Beginning Real Audio

botternS.E.N.S. Concert Tour 2003 "The Key"
(Sep. 3, 2003)


S.E.N.S. Concert Tour 2003 "The Key" [in Japan]

October 4 / [Saitama-ken] Iruma-shi Shimin Kaikan
October 12 / [Hiroshima-ken] Hatsukaichi Bunka Hall Sakura Pia
October 13 / [Yamaguchi-ken] Sakimori-shi Kokaido
October 15 / [Saga-ken] Tosu-shi Bunka Kaikan
October 16 / [Fukuoka-ken] Fukuoka Momochi Palace
October 18 / [Kumamoto-ken] Kumamoto Mielparque Hall
October 25 / [Chiba-ken] Chiba Shimin Kaikan
October 31 / [Saitama-ken] Kawaguchi Lilia Hall
November 3 / [Kanagawa-ken] Ebina-shi Bunka Kaikan
November 6 / [Hokkaido] Sapporo Kyosai Hall
November 9 / [Nigata-ken] Nigata Shimin Geijutu Bunka Kaikan (Gekijo)
November 12 / [Toyama-ken] Toyama Kosugi-cho Bunka Hall
November 13 / [Ishikawa-ken] Kanazawa-shi Bunka Hall
November 19 / [Aichi-ken] Aichi Kosei Nenkin Kaikan
November 20 / [Aichi-ken] Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Geijutsu Hall
November 23 / [Gifu-ken] Kani-shi Bunka Sozo Center
November 27 / [Tokyo-to] Shibuya Orchard Hall
botternS.E.N.S. performed at the MLB New York Mets VS Cincinnati Reds!!
(Aug. 3, 2003)


[Performance scenery in New York Shea Stadium]

[The Flyer of New York Mets VS Cincinnati Reds]

S.E.N.S. performd as opening act of the MLB "New York Mets VS Cincinnati Reds" at shea stadium of New York on July 26. Performance in the major league is the first time as a major Japanese musician. The tunes that S.E.N.S. played are "Wish" (the main theme of the TV drama "God, just a little more") and the new tune "The Beginning" from new album "The Key". "The Beginning" will release on September 3 with the tune composed when S.E.N.S. visited New York at last December, and this tune was realized as a preceding announcement in U.S. A big encouragement was sent from the audience after the performance, and S.E.N.S. and an audience were as one, and it swelled in the baseball ground.

botternThe Album"Transparent Time" corporated with Etsushi Toyokawa
(Sep. 3, 2002)

  "Transparent Time (Tomei na Jikan)" is the sequel of the best album "Transparent Music" series released into 2000. It is the really new work which was born by the 10 songs of best chosen as the concept "transparent time" from all 268 songs where S.E.N.S., and the collaboration with 5 tracks of voice by Etsushi Toyokawa. It is not the work which reads poetry aloud in the back such as BGM like a recitation album till now, the ease tune of S.E.N.S. and voice of Mr. Toyokawa become independent, and it is being recorded in the all 15 tracks.

Etsushi Toyokawa has starring such as many movies and a TV drama with the Japanese actor. S.E.N.S. produced music of the TV drama "Blue Bird (Aoi Tori)" that he starred in 1997.

33rd album Transparent Time   S.E.N.S. Etsushi Toyokawa
"Transparent Time"

  1. Turn the Key
  2. Wind (Voice*)
  3. Bon VoyageReal Audio
  4. Wish ~ Relief
  5. The Time Around (Voice*)
  6. Flying ~ Guitar
  7. Ramblin' Street
  8. Happiness
  9. Answer (Voice*)
  10. The Moon Stone and The Earth Water ~ Reprise
  11. Forbidden Love ~ Piano
  12. Silent (Voice*)
  13. L'oiseau BleuReal Audio
  14. Asian Blue ~ Sea where swims the moonReal Audio
  15. No Title (Voice*)
* Voice by Etsushi Toyokawa
botternBroadcasting in the program of the satellite television in Hong Kong! (This broadcasting was already finished.)
(Jan. 24, 2003)

  S.E.N.S. is broadcasted in the program "Artistic License" of the satellite television office "STAR television" inside "STAR WORLD" channel of Hong Kong! It will be added though the live image of the concert "TOMEI NA ONGAKU (TRANSPARENT MUSIC)" held in 2000 is broadcast. (This broadcasting was already finished.)

[Broadcasting schedule] (This broadcasting was already finished.)
Feb. 23/2003 (Sun.)
14:00~16:00(in Hong Kong)

The Official Site of "STAR TV"

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