Last Update: March 1, 2006

{^S.E.N.S. on the radio program "Pop Joins the World"
March 1, 2006

S.E.N.S. performs to Radio Japan's program "Pop Joins the World". This program is broadcast all over the world.

*On Air Schedule (UTC)
March 4, 2006(Sat.) 6:10~6:59 / 11:10~11:59 / 15:10~15:59
March 5, 2006(Sun.) 1:10~1:59 /5:10~5:59 / 14:10~14:59 / 17:10~17:59 / 21:10~21:59

*Frequency Chart (Radio Japan)


{^S.E.N.S. Interview from Anime News Network
March 1, 2006

The interview from Anime News Network for S.E.N.S. was published in web site of Anime News Network.

*S.E.N.S. interview is here (Anime News Network)


{^S.E.N.S. New Album "HOTEL ASIA"
December 29, 2005

The new original album "HOTEL ASIA" that S.E.N.S. releases after an interval of two years is containing "New Asian Style Music" as beautiful melodies and grand sound impressive.

Including the main theme of Japanese movie "dead run" and Japanese special TV drama (broadcasted in TBS) "Satomi Hakkenden".

37th Album HOTEL ASIA S.E.N.S.

[Including Songs]

*Play all songs Real Audio
 1. Brave Soul Real Audio
 2. Little Miracles Real Audio
 3. Naked Truth
 4. Sorrow
 5. Willow Bridge Real Audio
 6. Remembering Me ~ Reverie
 7. Hallucination
 8. Rain Real Audio
 9. Asian Crossroads
10. Our Pure Ring Real Audio
11. Coming Home Real Audio
*To play the songs, Real Player is required.

{^S.E.N.S. composed the music of the Japanese movie "dead run", and original soundtrack is released in Japan
December 26, 2005

S.E.N.S composed music and the main theme of the movie "dead run". The movie "dead run" original soundtrack is released (including main theme "Rain") in Japan.
The movie "dead run" is which Kiyoshi Shigematsu who was the Naoki Literary Award writer had written the original story was made into a film, and It is the latest work that SABU supervised. It is exhibited to the 1st New Montreal International Film Festival competition section.

*Official Site of the movie "dead run" (written in Japanese)

36th Album Shissou Original Soundtrack S.E.N.S.
The Movie "dead run"
Original Soundtrack

[Including Songs]

* Play all songs Real Audio
 1. Rain Real Audio
 2. No Escape Real Audio
 3. Flashback
 4. Hunted
 5. Rain ~ Spirito
 6. Lost in Hallucination Real Audio
 7. Raindrops
*To play the songs, Real Player is required.


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