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31st Album
vacation album "Heijitsu no Kyujitsu (Weekday Holiday)"

"Doesn't it rest at a weekday?" The concept best album with which the "J-PHONE Tokai (The Company of Japanese Cellular Phone)" TV commercial song "Flowers" was recorded by the new song of S.E.N.S. in addition to ten musics brought together in the bottom of a concept called "the vacation album".

  1. Hito to Toki to Kaze no Naka e (Winds of Time) ~ Epilogue Real Audio
  2. Flowers Real Audio
  3. Daydreaming Real Audio
  4. Tears Real Audio
  5. Peace of Mind Real Audio
  6. Fine Real Audio
  7. Brightness Real Audio
  8. Deatta Koro no Kimi de Ite (Be As You Were When We Met) Real Audio
  9. Rainbow on the Moon Real Audio
  10. Yoko (Sunshine) Real Audio
  11. Heaven's Song Real Audio

April 25, 2001 CD:FHCF-2501


32nd Album

The theme of this album is "the little love, the existence of the little heart" that it exists in everywhere in the casual life.Then, it is the work which crammed the courage that it is supported gently, and kindness.

  1. Pale Crimson
  2. Love Real Audio
  3. Jam Smile Real Audio
  4. Blessing of the Sun
  5. Heart of Glass
  6. Maria Real Audio
  7. Catnap
  8. Peach Milk
  9. Feel
  10. Spiral
  11. The Heart's Voice

July 24, 2002 CD:BVCR-11043


33rd Album
S.E.N.S. Etsushi Toyokawa
"Transparent Time"

The best collaborate album following the best album "Transparent Music" and "Transparent Music 2". The 10 songs of best which it is chosen as with the theme of "the transparent time" from all 268 songs of S.E.N.S., and 5 words of Mr. Etsushi Toyokawa are being recorded in 1 sheet of album.

  1. Act II
  2. Kaze (Voice of Etsushi Toyokawa)
  3. Bon Voyage Real Audio
  4. Wish ~ Relief
  5. Toki to Aida (Voice)
  6. Flying ~ Guitar
  7. Ramblin' Street
  8. Happiness
  9. Kotae (Voice)
  10. The Stone of the Moon and the Water of the Earth ~ Reprise
  11. Forbidden Love ~ Piano
  12. Silent (Voice)
  13. L'oiseau Bleu Real Audio
  14. Asian Blue ~ the sea swams the moon Real Audio
  15. No Title (Voice)
July 23, 2003 CD:BVCR-11052


34th Album
"The Key"

This album is the full original album published to the pretense for about one year following "Heart". It is the will work of S.E.N.S. They began the composition of this album in New York. It is the work which caught inspiration in the scenery which it met in that city and the people and which was completed. In this album, "The Beginning" was played at Shea Stadium in New York with opening act of the MLB "New York Mets VS Cincinati Leds" battle and on July 26, 2003.

  1. Turn the Key
  2. Heart Real Audio
  3. Memories
  4. Reason
  5. Dreambound
  6. So
  7. Refrain
  8. Little Bird
  9. Teardrops Real Audio
  10. The Beginning Real Audio
September 3, 2003 CD:BVCR-11053


35th Album
"Ren-ai Shu"

The TV drama "Beautiful Days" (the leading actor: Lee Byung Hun/ChoiJiWoo) is broadcast in South Korea in 2001 and records the smash hit. "Remembering Me" composed by S.E.N.S. has been used since time to which it is broadcast in South Korea.

"Remembering Me" is broadcasted in a climax and the last scene of a drama, a next time notice by all means. In addition, the refreshing Yukari Katsuki (S.E.N.S.)'s chorus is impressive. This music is not recorded to "Beautiful Days original sound track".

In best album "Ren-ai Shu" attracted love songs for the first time, "Remembering Me" and the main theme of the dramas such as "Asunaro White Paper", "God, Give Me a Little More", "Love 2000", "Mrs. Cinderella" and "Blue Bird" and more.

  1. Remembering Me Real Audio
  2. HeartReal Audio
  3. L'oiseau Bleu Real Audio
  4. RefrainReal Audio
  5. Winds of Time Real Audio
  6. Like a Wind Real Audio
  7. Missing You Real Audio
  8. Flying Real Audio
  9. Maria Real Audio
  10. Forbidden Love Real Audio
  11. Love Real Audio
  12. Wish Real Audio
November 24, 2004 CD:BVCR-14017


36th Album
The Movie "dead run"
Original Soundtrack

S.E.N.S composed music and the main theme of the Japanese movie "dead run". The movie "dead run " original soundtrack is released (including "Rain" the main theme of this movie) in Japan.
The movie "dead run" is which Kiyoshi Shigematsu who was the Naoki Literary Award writer had written the original story was made into a film, and It is the latest work that SABU supervised. It is exhibited to the 1st New Montreal International Film Festival competition section.

  1. Rain Real Audio
  2. No EscapeReal Audio
  3. Flashback
  4. Hunted
  5. Rain ~ Spirito
  6. Lost in Hallucination Real Audio
  7. Raindrops
December 21, 2005 CD:BVCR-17044


37th Album

The original album "HOTEL ASIA" that S.E.N.S. releases after an interval of two years is containing "New Asian Style Music" as beautiful melodies and grand sound impressive.

Including the main theme of Japanese movie "dead run" and Japanese special TV drama (broadcasted in TBS) "Satomi Hakkenden".

  1. Brave Soul Real Audio
  2. Little MiraclesReal Audio
  3. Naked Truth
  4. Sorrow
  5. Willow Bridge Real Audio
  6. Remembering Me ~ Reverie
  7. Hallucination
  8. Rain Real Audio
  9. Asian Crossroads
  10. Our Pure Ring Real Audio
  11. Coming Home Real Audio
December 21, 2005 CD:BVCR-11082

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