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11th Album
(Winds of Time)"

These neo-classical works were structured as suite with the super-hit TV-CM film song "Winds of Time" serving as its axis.

  1. Winds of Time Real Audio
  2. Sunshine Real Audio
  3. Boy Real Audio
  4. Recollections
  5. Winds of Time ~ Epilogue Real Audio

April 1, 1993 CD:FHCF-2077


12th Album
"ASUNARO HAKUSHO (Asunaro White Paper)"
Original Soundtrack

Original soundtrack of the Fuji Television Network drama "Asunaro Hakusho (Asunaro White Paper)" With a focus on an orchestra sound, the works on this album feature the richest acoustic colors produced by S.E.N.S.

  1. Prologue
  2. Requiem
    ~ The Passing of the Morning Real Audio
  3. Tomorrow's Wind
  4. Like the Wind ~ Guitar Version
  5. Closed Door of 110
  6. FAKE
  7. Like the Wind ~Main Theme Real Audio
    ~Harp Version
  9. Thought
  10. TRUE LOVE ~ Instrumental Version
  11. Stairs of Time
  12. Reminiscence

November 1, 1993 CD:FHCF-2129


13th Album

Selected from the 12 albums released by S.E.N.S. in the 6 years since their debut, this album features 15 songs of the best works by the group. It serves not only as a progress report on the journey that began with "The Silk Road of the Sea", but is also literally a "Statement" that the curtain is about to rise on the exciting future in 2nd action of the S.E.N.S. story.

  1. A City of Sadness Real Audio
  2. Winds a Time Real Audio
  3. Masala Tea Waltz Real Audio
  4. Against The Wind Real Audio
  5. Stone of the Moon
    and Water of the Earth Real Audio
  6. Birth Real Audio
  7. Remembering Me Real Audio
  8. Peace Real Audio
  9. Like the Wind Real Audio
  10. Love in Song Real Audio
  11. Jambia Dance Real Audio
  12. Choice of Gentleness Real Audio
  13. Adventure for Beagle Real Audio
  14. The God of the Sea Real Audio
  15. Aphrodite Real Audio

February 25, 1994 CD:FHCF-2145


14th Album
(Be As You Were When We Met)"
Original Soundtrack

Original soundtrack from the NTV drama "Deatta Koro no Kimi de Ite" Gentle, beautiful sound has been condensed into this mini-album of six well-balanced songs.

  1. Sky Remembrances Real Audio
  2. Your Scene Real Audio
  3. Be As You Were When We Met Real Audio
  4. Believe
  5. Pure Love Rhapsody
    ~ Instrumental
  6. Be As You Were When We Met
    ~ Piano

May 25, 1994 CD:FHCF-2166


15th Album
(In the Shining Season)"
Original Track

Original soundtrack of the Fuji Television drama "Kagayaku Toki no Nakade" Rich in variations, this album takes up the story of the "Pale Blue Story" five years after it first appeared on the sixth album "Stone of the Moon and Water of the Earth" and serves up a variety of melodies.

  1. Pale Blue Story ~ 5 years after
  2. In the Shining Season Real Audio
  3. Rain
  4. High Moon
  5. Requiem
  6. Pale Blue Story ~ piano solo
  7. Shot
  8. Last Lesson
  9. Waltz of the Wind
  10. Prime Season Real Audio

May 25, 1995 CD:FHCF-2231


16th Album
"Asian Blue"

This album contains the theme music for TBS TV special program "Yomigaeru Ogon Toshi Sican (Revival of the Golden City of Sican)" in 1994, "Kaijin Besso" (Villa of the God of the Sea) directed by the renowned kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando in 1995, TBS TV special program "Nihon Kai Daikiko" (Sea of Japan Great Journal) which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the TBS television network in 1995. The perfect combination of dynamic ethnic sound and the delicate melodies fully express the broad scope of the music world of the S.E.N.S.

  1. Asian Blue Real Audio
  2. Tin Field Real Audio
  3. Sican ~ Prayer
  4. Ripple
  5. Wonder Land
  6. I, KIMONO ~ Cat Whistle
  7. Villa of the God of the Sea
  8. Paradise
  9. Sican
  10. Reality
  11. I, KIMONO ~ Dance of Parting Real Audio
  12. Asian Blue ~ Sea where swims the moon Real Audio

November 15, 2001 CD:FHCF-2257


17th Album
"Palace Memories"

Original Soundtrack Album Trilogy for the NHK special "Kokyu" (The Palace Museum) from April 1996 over a one-year period, all 12 segments of this ambitious special program were broadcast nationwide by the NHK public television network. The following album trilogy covers the soundtrack of this program which traces the magnificent 5,000-year history of China through 1.7 million cultural treasures of the Palace Museum, Beijing and Taipei. The music which travels through the skies of time takes the listener to the present, past and future, and when these three parts come together, the unified musical story takes shape.
Original soundtrack for the NHK special program "Kokyu" (The Palace Museum),part 1. In part 1 of this musical trilogy, S.E.N.S. has created a musical dedication to the "Palace Memories" of the 5,000-year history of China.

  1. Time Slip
  2. Palace Memories Real Audio
  3. Treasures
  4. Magic Warriors Real Audio
  5. Imperial Vermillion
  6. Palace Memories ~ Sunset
  7. Chimes
  8. Peace of MindReal Audio
  9. The Dragon
  10. Visionary
  11. Palace Memories ~ Denouement

July 24, 1996 CD:FHCF-2298


18th Album
"Palace Sketch"

Original soundtrack for the NHK special program "Kokyu" (The Palace Museum),part 2. In Part 2 of this musical trilogy, S.E.N.S. passes through the Time Gate (track 1) enters the 5,000-year history of China and captures fragments of the rich past in the sketches of ambient sound as they float through time.

  1. Time Gate
  2. Catacombs
  3. Mayfly
  4. Pipes of War
  5. Eve
  6. Loss
  7. Mist
  8. Peace of Mind ~ Strings Real Audio
  9. Peace of Mind ~ Piano
  10. Palace Memories Real Audio

November 21, 1996 CD:FHCF-2343


19th Album
"Palace Seeds"

Original soundtrack for the NHK special program "Kokyu" (The Palace Museum),Part 3. In Part 3, S.E.N.S. concludes this musical trilogy turning its eyes to the future. The music tells how the Palace Museum has maintained an eternal vigil over mankind that will continue into future, and sows the seed of hope.

  1. Sowing Seeds
  2. Palace Memories Real Audio
  3. Jade Moon
  4. Patience
  5. Prophecy
  6. Well
  7. Edge of the Storm
  8. One Seed
  9. Future Memories
  10. Crystal
  11. Pinwheel
  12. Tides of Time
  13. Seed of Hope

February 21, 1997 CD:FHCF-2360


20th Album
"Sweetheart Story"
(Best Album of Music for Weddings)

In the response to the many who expressed the desire to celebrate their wedding ceremony with the music of S.E.N.S., this "bridal best" album was created. Including the newly written special wedding versions of "Sweetheart Story", "Aphrodite" and "r.(requiem)", this album is a collection of 14 pieces selected by S.E.N.S. especially for two people who will soon be one.

  1. Sweetheart Story
  2. Sunshine
  3. Prologue
  4. Be As You Were When We Met Real Audio
  5. Winds a Time Real Audio
  6. Prime Season Real Audio
  7. Aphrodite ~ wedding special version
  8. The God of the Sea Real Audio
  9. r.(requiem) ~ wedding special version Real Audio
  10. Remembering Me Real Audio
  11. Reminiscence
  12. Pale blue story
  13. Like the Wind Real Audio
  14. Birth

March 21, 1997 CD:FHCF-2361

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