Music Activities of S.E.N.S.

April NHK Tokushu "Umi no Silk Road (The Silk Road of the Sea)"
December the theme pavilion of The Asian Pacific Ocean Expo
March NHK special "Chikyu Osen (The Pollution of the Earth)"
July the movie "Hijo Joshi (A CITY OF SADNESS)" (Grand Prix-winning film at the Venezia Film Festival)
September "Umi no Silk Road Kan(The Hall of The Silk Road of the Sea)" at Nagoya Design Expo
January NHK special "Ningen ha Nani wo Tabete Kitaka (What Has Man Eaten?)"
March "Hi-vision movie garelly" at Expo '90 Osaka
October NHK Special "Our Beautiful Planet"
December TBS's TV drama "Chushin Gura (Archives of the Retainer)", which commemorated the 40th anniversary of TBS
March NHK Hi-vision "Pekin Sen-nen Ojo (The Millenium Catsle of Beijing)"
April Sound navigator for the J-WAVE radio program "NYK Classy Cruise SOIREES MUSICALES"
July RKB radio program "Star Dust Dreaming FUKUOKA"
October special TV program "Shin Beagle Go Tankenki (Exploration Logs of the New Beagle)" which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the MBS station.
November NHK TV drama "Hohoemi (The smile)"
September Japanese traditional paper doll's exibition "Kan Heike" made by Harumi Uchiumi
October TV animation of TV Tokyo "Space OZ no Boken (The Space Adventure of OZ)"
November opening theme song for NHK Shin Fukuoka Hoso Center Building
November NHK Hi-vision's day "Hi-vision Kara Mirai ga Mieru (Seeing future from Hi-vision)"
January Fuji Television's TV drama "Furikaereba Yatsu Ga Iru (Turn Around and That Guy'll Be There)"
February TV commercial of ONWARD "Kumikyoku (Suite)"
October Fuji Television's TV drama "Asunaro Hakusho (Asunaro White Paper)"
January "Kaijin Besso (Villa of the God of the Sea)", written by Kyoka Izumi and directed by Tamasaburo Bando
March Winner of the album prize (instrumental music section) of the 8th Japanese Gold Disk Grand Prix
March TV commercial of Sagami "I,KIMONO"
April NTV's TV drama program"Deatta Koro no Kimi de Ite (Be As You Were When We Met)"
October TBS's special documentary program "Yomigaeru Ogon Toshi Sican (Revival of the Golden City of Sican)"
April TV commercial of Kirin Seagram "CHIVAS REGAL"
April Fuji Television's TV drama "Kagayaku Toki no Nakade (In the Shining Season)"
November TBS's special documentary program "Nihonkai Daikiko (The Great Journey of the Sea of Japan)" which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the TBS Television Network
April NHK Special "Kokyu (The Palace Museum)"
April Fuji Television's TV drama "Mrs. Cinderella"
May produce music of a fashion show " '97 KENZO Collection"
October TBS's TV drama "Aoi Tori (The Blue Bird)"
October NHK documentary program "Kokyu no Shiho (The Treasures of the Palace Museum)"
December produce the Hiroko Yakushimaru's CD single "Koibumi (Love Letter)"
October NHK documentary program "Nippon Kawa Kiko (The Journey of Japan along the River)
April TBS's TV program "Kaze no Sketch (The Sketches of the Wind)" and "Machi no Sketch (The Sketches of the Town)"
February TV commercial of ONWARD "Suite" CM
July Fuji Television's TV drama "Kamisama, Mo Sukoshi Dake (God, Just a Little More)"
January TBS's special documentary program "Kokyu Daiensei (Great Journey of the treasures of Palace Museum)"
March NTV's TV drama, CHOOP spring vacation special "Sotsugyo Ryoko (The Graduational Travel)"
June TBS's TV drama "P.S. Genkidesu, Shunpei (P.S. I'm fine, Shunpei)"
December theme music for "Ogon Okoku Moche Hakkutsu Ten (Golden Kingdom Moche Excavation exhibition)"
January Fuji Television's TV drama "Nisen-nen no Koi (Love 2000)"
January theme musc of NHK BS-1 "Hanshin Daishinsai Toki no Kioku (Hanshin Daishinsai, The Rememberance of the Time)"
January the movie "ICHIGENSAN (The First Timer)"
January "Egypt Bunmei Ten (The Egypt Civilization Exhibition)"
February TV Commercial of "Ajinomoto Company"
February theme music for NHK BS special "Gan to Ikiru (Living with Cancer)"
April theme music for "NHK BS Digital Fair"
April theme music for TV Tokyo's sport event "Collosseum 2000"
April wedding music for Kanzo Uchimura Kinendo "Ishi no Kyokai (The Church of the Stone)"
August NHK's TV drama "Yanagibashi Bojo (The Affection above the Yanagibashi Bridge)"
February TV Commercial of J-PHONE Tokai
March Winner of "The Instrumental Album of the Year" of the 15th Japanese Gold Disk Grand Prix
April Itheme musc for NHK "Asia Ningen Kaido (Asian Crossroad)"
April theme musc for "INPAKU (Internet Pavilion)" SANYO pavilion "Taiyo no Megumi Kobo (Blessing of the Sun Studio)"
July TBS's TV drama "MARIA"
January TV Commercial for Takahashi Shuzo - shochu "Hakutake"
July Live Performance at the MLB New York Mets VS Cincinnati Reds (as opening act)
November TV Commercial of Kataoka Bussan CO., LTD "MON CAFE (coffee)"
April theme music for TV Kanazawa's TV program "La La La Hakusan"
April NHK's documentary program, NHK Hi-vision"Nakisuna Fushigi no Hama no Monogatari" (Yukari Katsuki appeared in this program)
May TV Commercial of Kataoka Bussan CO., LTD "MON CAFE (coffee)"
May NHK's documentary program"Nippon Nakisuna Kiko" broadcasted by NHK Hi-vision
June TV animation "Kurau - Phantom Memory" (composed by Yukari Katsuki)
January TV commercial of "T&G House Wedding"
February TV commercial of "Tokyo Gus"
March produce the HANAYO's CD single "I'm Remembering Me"
March Insertion music of movie"Inu no Eiga (The Movie of the Dogs)"
August theme song for "the citizen's project - The Rainwater Use to Save the Earth" at Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan
December The Movie "Shissou (Dead Run)"
January TBS's special TV Dorama "Satomi Hakkenden (The Legend of Dog Warriors)" which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the TBS Television Network
April TV commercial of "T&G House Wedding"
April TBS's TV animation "xxxHOLiC" composed by S.E.N.S. Project
June theme song for the movie "Nyanko the Movie (The Movie of Cats)"

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