*** Notice for using "S.E.N.S. Forum"

It was decided that it had writing done by this bulletin board could have it agreed on the following notes.The writing which is unsuitable for the following notes and as a bulletin board of S.E.N.S. official web site may be removed by the judgment of S.E.N.S. Company.
* Please see "FAQ" first when you have a question about the activities of S.E.N.S. written in. Write it after you ascertain whether it is not the question which overlaps with "FAQ". And if you still have the question, please send mail to
* The writing which hurts a stranger, and commercial writing (in such cases as the advertisement of the business site) are prohibited.
* The exchange such as the voice file (in such cases as the MP3 file) of S.E.N.S. and an image file prohibits the writing which damages the copyright of S.E.N.S., portrait rights.

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